Now more than ever our daily interactions are influenced by media. Whether it is a conversation, a decision, or opinion, we find ourselves referencing a media source of some kind on a routine basis.

Usually the conversation starts with updates and opinions on what has been seen or read. Often, once these thoughts have been communicated, they are added to, challenged, dismissed, met with a gasp that only the shocking and funny can induce, or explained away with a bit of juicy gossip. Gossip - not so much. This is the information age and we all contribute to it in big and small ways.

The Conversation Circle will cover what we read or saw in the media that you may not have, or have and want to ponder with us. We will usually cover Hollywood, advertising, marketing, PR, publishing, politics (not so much, but sometimes there is chatter that takes over the media and us) and fashion.

If there is an area or hot topic you want to see the Conversation Circle cover, let us know then check back for the results.

Thanks for checking in with us.


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